Massage is not only a luxury for your body – it also helps your mind relax. We hire the best massage therapists with experience in helping both your body and mind unwind after a tough week or before a big day.

Experience the unique art of professional body massage with our trained professionals. Massages are performed in a soothing environment. We ensure that each room is furnished and designed to give you the most relaxing experience possible.

Customize your massage experience with your choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue, or a combination of the two for 30, 60, or 90 minutes.

We ensure that our massage therapists are trained to maximize your comfort and provide an optimal experience.

Give your body the gift of massage, as it is not only therapeutic to one’s body, but to one’s mind as well. Unwind under the expert hands of our massage therapist as you are pampered from head to toe.

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Massage Services Time Price
Deep Tissue Massage 30 minutes $60
Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes $110
Deep Tissue Massage 90 minute $145
Swedish Massage 30 minutes $55
Swedish Massage 60 minutes $100
Swedish Massage 90 minute $135
Custom Massage 30 minutes $60
Custom Massage 60 minutes $110
Custom Massage 90 minute $145
Pregnancy Massage 60 minutes $100
Hot Stone Massage 90 minutes $160