A Guide to Getting Hassle-Free, Gorgeous Hair in No Time at All: Part 1

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hair stylingAs much as we love our hair, it sure can be high maintenance. Consider this: on average women spend about three hours a week just washing, blow-drying, and styling their hair. Just think of how all that time can add up!

Fortunately, it’s possible to have beautiful, luscious hair without having to spend hours on hair maintenance. Here are some of our favorite tricks that could help you get a great head of hair with little to no time spend styling it.

Take a step back from the blow dryer
We could say that the best way to save time is to not blow dry your hair every time you wash it, but this is very unrealistic for some people. Instead, wait a couple minutes after you hop out of the shower to pull out your blow dryer. This is because dripping wet hair takes longer to dry, and your hair is more prone to breakage when it is saturated with water.

Don’t get a hair color that requires roots
Going to the salon and getting a fresh new cut and color can be therapeutic, but it does require a lot of maintenance. You don’t want to have to go to the salon every month or so to color over regrowth, so it’s always a good idea to choose a hair coloring technique that can grow out easily but still maintain its look. Our favorite is balayage, as it grows out beautifully without the need to touch it up every month.

Put the products down
Using too many hair styling products can actually cause your hair to look dull, limp, and lifeless. To get the gunk out of your hair, use a clarifying shampoo to really strip your scalp clean and then only use one or two specific hair products. Not only will they work more effectively this way, you won’t have to worry about that pesky buildup coming again from time to time.

There are plenty of quick hair styling tips that can make your hair look gorgeous in less than five minutes. We have some more ideas to share, so keep a lookout for our next blog!

4 Ways to Relieve Stress With Self Care

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High stress levels can contribute to poor heart health and chronic illnesses. And more Americans than ever struggle with high stress and poor health levels.

That’s why the Health Resource Network has designated April Stress Awareness Month since 1992. Stress self-care has changed over the years as more ‘treatments’ have come out but key components are still there. Nowadays there are various states that class cannabis as legal for recreational use using online companies like Amuse to fulfill that need for various ailments that people suffer from, including stress. This does however depend on what the patient is currently taking and if they are viable for this. Self-care is important but not every avenue is right for everyone.

Self care involves many different ways of caring for your mental and physical health. Self care can be as simple as meditating at home, having fresh flowers at home, or it can be as indulgent as a good skin treatment, body massage, or hair cut. Pampering self care contributes to wellness.

Here are a few of many ways to soothe the stress in your life with indulgent self care.

1: Haircuts

An expert hair stylist can turn a basic hairstyle into a stellar haircut that makes you feel your best. Sit back and relax in our luxe chairs while our stylists work their magic. You’ll walk out feeling refreshed and looking your best.

2: Massage

self care massage va

Massages can help you detox from whatever has been weighing you down during the day. Releasing physical stress can help release the stress in your mind. Swedish and deep tissue massages offer ways to release tension that you didn’t even know was there.

3: Hair coloring

Alleviate stress by shaking up your current style. Get out of that hair and beauty rut and add highlight, a gloss, or an entirely new color. You can change what you see in the mirror and lighten your mood with your hair color.

4: Skin treatments

Facials can help lift more than skin — they can also lift a mood. Microdermabrasion and cleansing facials can help improve how you feel about your appearance as well as resurfacing that baby-soft skin. Organic ingredients, luxurious microdermabrasion, and revitalizing ginseng can pamper your stress away. If need be, you can sign up for other treatments too, like facial rejuvenation and more, if not from here, then maybe from a place of your choice like say, RKM Aesthetics & Wellness.

Caring for your mental health is relevant for all people in all stages of life. And stress can creep into every life. Busy with logistics, a packed schedule, and many tasks? Dealing with stress is more than a luxury — it is also a necessity. Take care of your mind by pampering your face, hair, and body at Christie Adam salon and spa.

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Why Our Salon and Spa Experience Is Unique

We pride ourselves on offering our clientele the expertise of highly skilled stylists, estheticians, massage therapists, and nail technicians to ensure complete satisfaction with every visit. Each of our stylists has mastered the art of coloring and styling hair. Each stylist adds their own unique touch to the art form of hair styling, dyeing, cutting, and care.

Our team is devoted to providing total relaxation and contributing to well-being for each spa visitor. Our goal is to leave each client feeling relaxed, refreshed, transformed, and confident in their new look. And the results speak for themselves.

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